June 2, 2016



Swimsuit International 

The Ms Swimsuit International is an Open Division for any Swimsuit & Fitness Models

The winners of this category will win the Overall Ms Fitness Swimsuit International Champion Title

  • Ladies are required to wear a full piece swimsuit of any colour style and shape
  • Ladies are also required to wear high heel shoes

Round 1

All entrants of this division will do a single beauty parade (T-Walk) for our judges where they will be marked on

  • Form
  • Image
  • Balance and
  • Overall Presentation

Ladies may be required to form a full line of entrants in this round if requested by the head judge at each event .

Round 2

Ladies are to walk to the front of the stage in a single line in front of the ANB judging panel and then begin 4 quarter turns to the right of the stage in 360 degrees where they will finish facing the judging panel.

In this round judges will be looking at full presentation and balance of each entrant and comparisons will be done with each entrant.


Competitors will do a T walk across the stage individually to pre-selected music by the ANB promoter.
After completing your T-walk you will line up at the Enter point again until each competitor has finished.
Once all competitors are finished you will go back on the stage for your quarter turn comparisons.
No moves of any sexual or erotic nature will be tolerated.


  1. Enter the stage and walk directly to the middle rear of the stage and pose at point 1.
  2. After posing at point 1. walk to the front middle of the stage and pose at point 2.
  3. Following point 2, keep to the front of the stage and walk to the (left) end of the stage and pose at point 3.
  4. Then walk in the same line to the opposite side of the stage (right) and pose at point 4.
  5. 3 poses of your individual choice will be required at points 2-4.  Note: You are still being judged while you waiting here in your line-up so please ensure you continue to pose)



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