January 17, 2018



Women’s Swimsuit Model

This is an OPEN Round for all Natural Swimsuit (Bikini) Pro Athletes from any Federation Nationally Or Internationally.

The Swimsuit Model (or “Bikini”) division offers a contest for ANB members who would compete at the softer range of physical development.

Swimsuit Model competitor can have a flat stomach; if a competitor has defined abdominals, it is advised they enter the Fitness Model division.

The division of Swimsuit depicts a picture of “glowing health” to the general public, however models must still have some athleticism about themselves. Swimsuit Models are not expected to be extra lean but they must still have a toned body and good figure and have excellent stage presence when appearing on the stage.

Models are judged on their physical appearance, beauty, body shape/tone, presentation, confidence, stage walk, presence and marketability.


There will be two rounds in the Swimsuit Model Division and this will comprise of-

Round 1: Bikini Round

Contestants will be asked to walk in a bikini and high heels across the stage. It is important to mention that two-piece swimsuits are required. Thongs or G-Strings are not acceptable.

Round 2: Evening Wear

Contestants will be asked to walk on stage wearing their choice of evening wear. Ensure your outfit is stylish and not lewd in presentation.
There is a wide interpretation for this round in respect to choices in clothing, but the idea is to choose something that is stylish and flattering to your body type, skin colouring, hair etc.

We do not expect that you go out and purchase a new outfit. If you already have a outfit in your wardrobe that you feel is suitable feel free to wear this on the day.

ROUND 1 & 2 T- Walk

Competitors will do a T-Walk across the stage individually to pre-selected music by the ANB Promoter
After completing your T-walk you will line up at the Exit point again until each competitor has finished.
Once all competitors are finished you will go back on the stage for your quarter turn comparisons.. 
Note: No moves of any sexual or erotic nature will be tolerated.


  1. Enter the stage and walk directly to the middle rear of the stage and pose at point 1.
  2. After posing at point 1. walk to the front middle of the stage and pose at point 2.
  3. Following point 2, keep to the front of the stage and walk to the (left) end of the stage and pose at point 3.
  4. Then walk in the same line to the opposite side of the stage (right) and pose at point 4.
  5. 3 poses of your individual choice will be required at points 2-4. 
    (Note: You are still being judged while you waiting here in your line-up so please ensure you continue to pose)


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