January 17, 2018



Women’s Figure Division

This is an OPEN Round for all Natural Figure Pro Athletes from any Federation Nationally or Internationally.

Women’s Figure Judging Guidelines:

Competitors must have a trained athletic physique.
Figure competitors should show muscle separation between all major muscle groups.
The concept of Women’s Figure is to express more aesthetic, athletic figure.
High heel shoes are to be worn.
Competitors are encouraged to wear any colours and 3/4 cut costumes during judging rounds.
G-Strings are not permitted under any circumstances.
Hands remain open not clenched.
Competitors may twist their physique during the symmetry round. (Hips must face the front)

Round 1 – Compulsory Poses

Round 1 – 50%

In this round, figure competitors perform five compulsory poses:
1. Front Double Bicep (hips facing the front)
2. Side Chest (any side)
3. Side Tricep (any side)
4. Rear Double Bicep (spike one calf)
5. Abdominal and Thigh

In this round judges are comparing competitors for the following:
Muscularity – The shape, and quality of all muscle groups
Proportion – The balance of one muscle group against another
Definition – Muscular separation, and sharpness
Balance – Left side of the body compared to the right, front compared to rear

Round 2 – Symmetry

Round 2 – 50%

In this round the competitors will stand in numerical order facing the judges and they will perform four one quarter turns – the hips will be facing the judges, then the competitors will make three one quarter turns to the right thus displaying their physique from every angle.

In this round judges are looking for the following:
Proportion – The balance of one muscle group to another eg. Lower body to upper body, biceps to calves, waist to quadriceps etc.
Balance – The left side of a competitors body compared to the right, the front compared to the rear, upper and lower.
Symmetry – The competitors overall shape and line.



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