January 31, 2019


Figure Classique is judged on overall condition, symmetry, proportion, shape and presentation. Muscularity is still judged however as the attire is in a one piece suit, abdominals are not judged as they cannot be seen.

Competitors should still have more muscularity than a fitness competitor but not the level of a women’s Bodybuilding competitor.

Condition should show separation in shoulders, arms and quads, hamstrings, some striations acceptable such as chest and delts but glutes should not be fully striated.

Physique should be balanced overall with chest, shoulder, arm and back (upper body) development matching glute quad, hamstring & calf development (lower body), left side matching right side and front development matching back development.

Judged in a one piece figure posing suit, high heels to be worn.The one piece suit should be in line with the style of figure bikinis, with a high cut pant and cross over straps at the back. Suits may be embellished with crystals, stones etc

Figure athletes are required to do an Individual I WALK followed by group quarter turns and TWO muscularity poses


Competitors will do a I-Walk across the stage individually to pre-selected music by Ms Fitness Australia

You will enter from the rear of stage to the rear centre , then walk directly to front centre stage then proceed to to a relaxed pose.

From here the judges will ask you to perform 2 poses, the first pose is a front double bicep pose showing one thigh. Hips facing the front of the stage with one leg extended to the side. and legs facing the side. Hands must remain open for the bicep pose

The second pose is a rear double bicep pose showing 1 calve, hands must remain open for the bicep pose . The athlete will then present again in a relaxed pose before being asked to line up at the back of the stage

(Note: You are still being judged while you waiting here in your line-up so please ensure you continue to pose)

SYMMETRY ROUND – Consisting of 4 x quarter turns

You will be called to the front of the stage and be asked to complete 1/4 turns as a group .

Hands must remain open during 1/4 turns. When facing the left and right side of the stage, you must be looking straight ahead, and not twisting to face the judges. Feet must be together whilst holding each pose,

Judges will call out required symmetry poses as many times as needed until they have decided on their placings

A front & rear double Bicep pose will then finish off the round