January 17, 2018


This is an OPEN Round for all Natural Figure Pro Athletes from any Federation Nationally or Internationally.

Judged on muscularity condition, symmetry, shape and presentation. Competitors should have more muscularity than a fitness competitor but not the level of a women’s Bodybuilding competitor.

Condition should show a full six pack, separation in shoulders, arms or quads, hamstrings, some striations acceptable but glutes should not be fully striated.

Physique should be balanced over all with chest, shoulder, arm and back (upper body) development matching glute quad, hamstring & calf development (lower body), left side matching right side and front development matching back development.

Judged in a 2 piece figure bikini, high heels to be worn.
Hands remain open not clenched.

Front Double Bicep (hips facing the front)
Side Chest (any side)
Side Tricep (any side)
Rear Double Bicep (spike one calf)
Abdominal and Thigh

SYMMETRY ROUND consisting of 4 x Quarter turns

Optional Free Posing Routine:
Athletes to supply 60 second own music track in an MP3 format 5 days prior to show.
Music must can be submitted here or email to david@msfitnessaustralia.com.au

Please note: Competitor’s may not enter Fitness or Swimsuit divisions.