April 8, 2017





This division is an OPEN division for all Women’s Body Building, Figure, Fitness & Bikini Models.

This round will be judged on the best Female Theme/Sports Wear outfit and we encourage you to be as creative and glamorous as you can be with your costume selection and props.

Judges are looking for the athlete who shows off their personality and creativity with their chosen outfit on stage.

Competitors will be asked to either perform a T-walk individually across the stage or to do a Routine that goes with the outfit chosen and utilise the whole stage and can use props

Examples of Theme Wear that can be worn are

  • Sports
  • Superhero
  • Wings
  • Cultural outfits

Competitors can do a T-Walk across the stage individually or can use the whole stage to perform a routine to the outfit chosen to pre-selected music by the Promoter
The idea is to look as though your having fun with each round displaying a bit of your personality.
After completing your T-walk/Routine you will line up at the Exit point again until each competitor has finished.
Once all competitors are finished you will go back on the stage for trophy presentation
Note: No moves of any sexual or erotic nature will be tolerated.

Enter the stage and walk directly to the middle rear of the stage and pose at point 1.
After posing at point 1. walk to the front middle of the stage and pose at point 2.
Following point 2, keep to the front of the stage and walk to the (right) end of the stage and pose at point 3.
Then walk in the same line to the opposite side of the stage (left) and pose at point 4.